Well after the World Championships in Paris, I wanted to get some more training before Adidas Rockstars, but I just go sick again and ended up laying in my bed all day long recovering. Damn being sick sucks ! I really have to find out why I got sick so often this year -.- While my healthiness didn’t really get better, I still could not resist driving to Stuttgart.

Qualifications went really good but it was so exhausting and I barely made it threw. I flashed the first Boulder which had a really cool triple jump finishing with a hard slab. I could also do the next two boulders in each three attempts, but I got really pumped from the pinches and slopers. I couldn’t even open a bottle of water in the transit Zone before the last boulder, but somehow I recovered and could finish the round with a top. I think this round had the most awesome boulders of all the Competitions I did this year. The combination of athletic, dynamic and powerful setting made it perfect. With four tops on four boulders I qualified for Semifinals in 12th Place.

When woke up on day of semis I didn’t think I could even move xD but somehow I got to the comp and it got better during warmup. Once again I could flash the first boulder, that was almost everything I did this round. I fell on the last part of the second Boulder as I got too pumped after the bonus. There was no chance of me sending Boulder No. 3… Even though I knew the beta, I just didn’t have the strength to pull it off. On the last boulder I still tried really hard, but only got a bonus and some bloody fingers 😀

In the end this made me finish 11th Place at one of the best events of the year. I’m really happy with the result and the competition definitely was a lot of fun. Now I will have to rest and recover a bit, before training for the Youth Championship starts…I still gotta learn some speed and lead climbing and there is just 4 weeks left 😀